Supporting Families whose lives have been touched by Down's Syndrome

Downright Perfect is a organisation that support families in Dorset and the surrounding areas who have a family member who has Down's Syndrome.

We believe in early intervention to enable our children to get off to the best start in life  and we offer support in the following ways:

  • Twice monthly meetings for  our children where they can access a programme of therapy to include physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy. We have a once monthly parent/carer drop in session for all who wish to attend 

  • A Downright Perfect representative is available to meet with individuals who may have received a pre natal diagnosis that their child has Down's Syndrome and wants to talk to someone.

  • We offer a hospital visiting service if required and individual meetings and one to one support if needed. We are affiliated with the Down's Syndrome Association 

Downright Perfect is run by parent volunteers and is completely financed by fundraising efforts of the group members, families and donations from the  community and local businesses 


Big or small ,  every penny makes a difference. Thank you for supporting our children.